Whether you need to tidy everything up, maintain a hedge, or cut back all your perennials and grasses for the season, Elevated Lawns & Landscape is here for all your needs!


Do you need some help on a weekly or monthly basis in your garden? Our landscaping company also offers gardening plans in which we can set an appropriate amount of time for us to do the not so fun parts of maintaining a garden such as: weeding, deadheading, pruning, raking, and much more! Call our lawn care company today to discuss your gardening needs and we will customize a plan that works for you and your garden.

Dethatching/Power Rake:

Dethatching is the process of removing thatch from the base of your grass blades. Generally, up to 1/2 inch of thatch is acceptable as it can keep in the moisture like mulch in flower beds. Thatch helps during times of drought, water restrictions, and high heat. However, thatch that accumulates in excess of 1/2 inch can actually work as a disadvantage to your lawn because it creates too much of a buffer between the soil and the grass. This prevents sufficient amounts of water, air and nutrients (fertilizer) to reach the soil. Too much thatch can invite pests, including insects, various lawn diseases, and fungi into your lawn. To keep your lawn healthy contact our lawn care company today and schedule your Dethatch/Power Rake.