Why Is Aeration An Important Part Of Lawn Maintenance?

The dry, arid, climate of our beautiful Colorado home features a very hard, dense, and compacted clay type of soil. These soil conditions must be aerated, at least annually, to promote a healthy lawn. Our professional lawn aeration method pulls plugs of soil from your lawn to help reduce the risk of compacted soil. By doing this, the soil is loosened and the compacted soil can now increase water propagation. This promotes a healthy transfer of nutrients back into the soil of your lawn. Over a couple of weeks, your lawn will produce new root systems that fill up those holes with thicker, greener, and more luscious looking grass!

We offer professional lawn aeration service all year long, but we highly recommend booking these lawn care services in the months of  October and April for optimal results. With special requests, we may also aerate your lawn in the mid-summer months for those of you who have a severely compacted lawn.

Fall Aeration: September-November

Spring Aeration: March-May

Summer Aeration: July & August

Experience The Elevated Standard Of Lawn Care Today

Our standard lawn aeration is what most companies call a “double pass,” which simply means aerating the lawn twice. At Elevated Lawns, our single pass pulls as many plugs as most companies, but with our double pass, we overlap your lawn without the additional charge. Most companies double charge clients for this service, but our landscaping company charges half of that same price! This lawn care service is especially good news for those who have a heavy clay-based soil and would like the extra pass to loosen the soil without breaking the bank.

IMG_0043-225x300Benefits of Aerating My Lawn:

  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Enhances root growth
  • Increases air, water, and nutrient movement to the root zone
  • Decreases water run-off and improves drainage
  • Naturally, decomposes thatch build up
  • Stimulates new healthy growth components
  • Provides better environment for over-seeding
  • Increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers
  • Incorporates organic matter into the soil
  • Helps decrease worm activity and weed reduction as well!

What Do I Need To Do Prepare For My Appointment? 

Once you have ordered a lawn aeration service with us, please take time to mark your sprinkler heads prior to us coming out to perform your aeration service. In addition, please make sure to water your lawn the evening prior for best results. With the help of our landscaping company, your lawn will look better than ever!