As you know, fall is a busy time of year. The school is back in session, the start of the holiday season, and your preparations for winter have begun. The last thing on your to-do list is to keep up with your yard. That’s where we come in!

Our professional lawn winterization services at Elevated Lawns and Landscape are here to help you before the snow hits. You already know to unplug and drain hoses and other water sources, remove fallen leaves and other debris, and mow your grass to a short length, but that’s not all you should be doing. Most people don’t know that your fall lawn care should also include fertilizing.

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As lawn care professionals, we know how to grow abundantly healthy grass. The key is to fertilize your lawn in fall. This is an effective method because we are able to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to store before the snow hits and guarantees that your lawn will be ready for its spring awakening. This process gives you a headstart on your lawn’s growth as soon as the snow melts.

So, let’s explain the science behind this industry secret; cold air tells grass to shift its nutrients into its root system as a part of a survival reaction. This shift puts your grass’ food source in a more convenient and efficient place so that when spring does finally come, the warmth prompts your grass to grow more immediately rather than to slowly wake from its cold-protective state. Ultimately, this boost means faster nutrient absorption and faster growth. Lush, thick grass means that weeds will not have space to grow and are eliminated from your lawn.

Overall, it is in your best benefit to be proactive when its comes to all of your fall preparedness and your lawn is not exempt. Call us today to book our professional lawn care services and we can get started on getting that iconic full, green lawn you want in the springtime.