Here in Colorado, we are still very much in the midst of winter. Don’t be fooled by those warmer-than-usual temperatures that we’ve had for the past week or two. It never lasts for very long, and another snowstorm will be upon us faster than you can say springtime. Colorado residents are quite the hearty lot, and we tend to make the most of our freezing temperatures by engaging in winter sports. Whether you are an ice climber, a snowboarder, a skier, an ice skater, or you like to trek around in your snowshoes, our state has plenty to offer regarding winter activities. If you’re not so much a winter sports person, that’s ok. Netflix has released plenty of TV shows that you can binge watch, or perhaps you could start reading your Lord of the Rings novels again. No matter your amount of athletic activity, you might be wondering what to do with your lawn. Let’s discuss some helpful tips for taking care of your lawn in the winter:


The most optimal time for fertilizing your lawn is late fall or early winter for cool season grasses. Before the first freeze, thoroughly fertilize your lawn in order to replace any nutrients lost during the hotter summer months. Once the temperatures begin dropping, the fertilizer will be nicely settled into your soil and feed your lawn during the winter. Since we are long past early winter, perhaps you could apply this guideline the following winter.

Mowing Your Lawn

In the final month of summer, it’s best to slowly begin cutting your grass shorter each time you mow the lawn. When you leave your lawn too tall in the winter months, it may become infested with field mice and burrowing critters. Mice are notorious for destroying lawns by building their little nests. Not only do they create dead spots where they spend their time, but they also pull out quite a bit of grass to build their nests. Additionally, keeping your grass shorter protects any new growth in your lawn as well.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Keeping your lawn clean might be relatively easy for some of you, but if you have kids, it could be a little more complicated. Remove lawn furniture, logs, and stray toys before the first snowfall. You also want to occasionally go outside to make sure that there’s no debris in your lawn as well. When objects are left on the grass during snowier months, they can create dead spots due to the weight of the objects.

Refrain From Excessive Yard Traffic

Grass is much more fragile in the colder winter months than other months of the year. In order to keep your grass healthy, try not to walk over it excessively. If you keep your sidewalks and driveway clear of ice and snow, you are less likely to trample your grass.

At our Fort Collins lawn care company, we are happy to perform any snow removal services that you may need during our colder months. We are also here to perform any of your landscaping services come springtime, so give us a call at Elevated Lawns & Landscape.