Lawn diseases are caused by organisms and pathogens, just like in most other organisms. Lawn disease can bring an onslaught of problems and complications for your yard. The first sign that something may be wrong is an unappealing browning of your lawn. At first, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause of a brown lawn, but our local lawn care professionals are trained to not only identify if and when a disease exists, but also to know how to treat your lawn.

When a lawn disease exists
In order for a lawn disease to be present, it must have all three of the following components:

  • must be infected with the pathogen,
  • must be the correct environment for the pathogen to spread,
  • must be the proper host for the pathogen.

If these three things do not exist, your lawn is most likely suffering from another underlying cause including poor soil nutrition, dehydration, over-hydration, poor irrigation, etc.

Common Diseases

While brown spotting and patches of dead grass may appear to be the cause of a disease, they do not immediately indicate a disease. When a lawn disease is present, these are the main culprits:

  • (Bacterial and Fungal) Leaf Spot- is found on leaves as dark discolored lesions
  • Gray Leaf Spot- appear with yellow halos in long rectangular lesions
  • Rust- is a fungal disease that cases a rust-like yellowing of leaves
  • Brown Patch- tiny brown spots that eventually kill individual leaves, often found with dark discolored rings that encircle a brown spot

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