When you think of a landscaper or lawn care professional, you might believe their days consist of carefully pruning rose bushes, meticulously mowing fields of lush, green grasses, and paving intricate stone paths that wind around colorful gardens. While this isn’t necessarily false, it is much more common for our days to be spent diagnosing and fixing issues with your sprinkler systems. Thankfully, sprinkler issues are often easy to fix in the hands of a lawn care professional. Here are the most common sprinkler system problems that we find throughout our profession:

Clogged Sprinkler Headsdreamstime_xxl_11801197

Between lawn mowing, leaf buildup, muddy soil, snow and ice, there is plenty of opportunity for yard debris to be lodged inside your sprinkler head. Clogged heads are easy to see as the stream of water may appear to spray intermittently, be interrupted, sporadic, or nonexistent.

Broken Sprinkler Heads
Sprinkler heads are designed to be hidden in your lawn and pop up when the system turns on. While this feature is meant to maintain the appearance of your landscape without the clutter of unattractive metal, their subtlety is often the reason they are broken. Often, a sprinkler head is either caught up into the blades of lawn mower or edging tool, kicked and stepped on, or damaged by other means.

Sprinklers Set Too High
While sprinklers are designed to deliver an automatic high-pressure water source to your lawn, they can be set to a much higher intensity than the head is prepared to handle. It is easy for our team to determine proper water levels for your sprinkler heads and optimal lawn coverage.

Clogged Valves
Like we said before, it’s common for your sprinkler heads to be clogged from general debris and the same goes for sprinkler valves. This is noticed when the sprinkler refuses to turn off. Stuck valves can quickly turn into a flooding scenario, so please contact a lawn care professional immediately.

From the simplest to the most complex sprinkler system issue, Elevated Lawns and Landscape is here to help. Contact us today or book our services online!