At Elevated Lawns and Landscape, we believe in providing honest, efficient, and quality work. These values are seen throughout our services, face-to-face interactions, and our special attention to details. We offer a multitude of lawn care and landscaping services to satisfy your needs, and help maintain the health and overall aesthetic of your lawn. Many people think that the fall cleanup involves just a standard fall leaf clean up, but it is a bit more complex. To really protect your lawn and garden during the transition into fall, these services must be performed:

Remove debris that may suffocate your lawn including weeds, pet waste, foliage, etc.
Trim branches that may break and fall due to snow buildup or high wind.
Clean gutters to allow for optimal drainage during rain, snow melt, and ice melt. dog-with-fall-leaves
Drain water from all hoses, fountains, and irrigation systems.
Aerate soil to ensure root systems receive nutrients during fall and winter.
Feed lawn to aid and encourage your lawn to survive its winter sleep.
Remove leaves as they fall to keep them from suffocating your lawn.
Mow grass to a short length to help soil dry quickly come spring.
Protect plants that are sensitive to cold by adding mulch and wrapping in cloth or plastic.
Plant bulbs and fall annuals that do well during this time of year.
Clean tools to prevent rust and buildup while they are stored away until spring.

We understand how time-consuming and difficult it can be to keep up with your lawn care and landscaping needs, especially before the ramp up of the holiday season. In our hands, you can trust our professional lawn care services to reduce the hassle and stress of marking off each of these fall clean up tasks. Get in touch with us today!