Start Ups/Turn On:

Call our lawn care company to start up your sprinkler system this spring and make sure that your irrigation system is working properly. Our sprinkler technicians at Elevated Lawns & Landscape will also do an audit to make sure each zone and head are covering the target ranges with enough pressure to do so. Our landscape contractors will also make sure you are not over/under watering your property with today’s water restrictions.

Blowouts/ Winterization:

In Colorado, we are required to blow out our sprinkler systems due to our cold freezing temperatures in the winter. We shut off the water going to the sprinkler system and blow out the remaining water in the lines so none of the pipes freezes, expand, and crack over the winter.


If your sprinkler system has a leak, broken line, busted sprinkler head, or any other issues don’t hesitate to call. Our local landscapers can fix it, so give us a call today to get your system back!


We do sprinkler installations, whether it be adding to an existing system, a completely new install, or putting in a backflow. Our lawn service company does installations for both commercial and residential properties.