Let’s face it: if you live in Northern Colorado, you have no choice but to deal with the snow. Nothing fills most of us with dread more than shoveling snow. When you are toasty and warm inside, the last thing that you want to do is have to layer on your heavy-duty winter garments and shovel snow in freezing temperatures. Shoveling show often feels like a laborious, thankless task, so why not hire our professionals at Elevated Lawns & Landscapes to do the dirty work for you?   Here are some great reasons to hire our landscaping company for our snow removal services:

Commercial Snow Plowing

If you own a business, you don’t want to lose business because people cannot access your facilities. Unless you live in Georgia, then business goes on as usual whenever we experience a snowfall. This means that your customers need access to your place of business. Our commercial snow removal services will not only remove the snow from your driveway and parking lot, but also from your sidewalks as well. If you do not remove the snow from your sidewalks, you could have a potential lawsuit if customers fall and hurt themselves. By hiring our landscaping company to perform your snow removal services, then your business will run more smoothly regardless of the weather conditions.

side-teachResidential Snow Plowing

Most of us already have to rise earlier than we would like in order to arrive at work on time, so why make yourself get up any earlier to battle the fresh snow on your property? Your driveway, sidewalks, patio, and other surfaces on your property need to properly be cleared of snow. After all, you don’t want for your neighbors to give you the stink eye for being the one house on the block with a two-foot high pile of snow on your sidewalks. You certainly don’t want for your kids or your wife to slip and fall in your driveway, so hire us for our snow removal services today.

Hand Shoveling

Sometimes, the type of snow removal services that you need does not require the use of heavy snow plowing equipment. Sometimes the areas that need snow removal simply cannot be reached by snow blowers or snow plows. At Elevated Lawns and Landscapes, we are happy to remove snow from these difficult to reach areas to save you the time and trouble of removing it yourself.

Ice Melt

The only thing worse than feet of fresh snow is the slippery ice that can result in dangerous falls. Emergency rooms in areas with colder climates regularly see patients with broken limbs that resulted from slipping on ice. Having a buildup of ice on your property is dangerous to you and to others, so hire our landscape contractors to perform our ice melting service.

Stay safe this winter in Northern Colorado by hiring Elevated Lawns & Landscape for our snow removal and ice melt services today. Let us do the dirty work for you while you cozy up under a blanket and sip hot cocoa.